Genesse Skincare and Botanicals was founded by AGB NZ Ltd. after 30 years experience creating herbal formulations, homeopathics and creams, customized for individual clients, as well as 12 years in the manufacture of medical devices and testing equipment.


AGB has delivered over 10,000 orders to satisfied customers all over the world. This evolved into the creation of Genesse, our custom product range. We are unique in using our own research into the role genetics play in the process of ageing and the electronic frequencies of individual face-lift acupuncture points, which are incoporated into Genesse products.


New Zealand is integral to the Genesse brand. Being of a nation that prides itself on ingenuity and diversity has enabled us to create products that are equally impressive and competitive in the global market. Our team of talented people is committed to providing you the best possible products and service. With Genesse you can rest assured that you are number one!


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